DEPOCEN Working Paper Series

The DEPOCEN Working Paper Series (DEPOCEN WP) is the first ever peer reviewed economic research paper series in Vietnam. The Series is edited and supported by DEPOCEN WP Editorial Council and Editorial Board, whose members are well-known international and Vietnamese economists and researchers. Submissions of papers from all branches of economics are welcome.

No. Title Author
Measuring the effective rate of protection in Vietnam's economy with emphasis on the manufacturing industry: An input-output approach
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Bui Trinh
Do tropical typhoons smash community ties? Theory and Evidence from Vietnam
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Yanos Zylberberg
Current Global Crisis, Fiscal Stimulus Package and Implication for Vietnam
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Nguyen Ngoc Anh, Nguyen Duc Nhat, Nguyen Thang
Day-Of-The-Week Effects in Different Stock Markets: New Evidence on Model-Dependency in Testing Seasonalities in Stock Returns
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Le Long Hau
The Global Crisis and Medium Term Growth Prospects for Developing Countries: The case of Vietnam
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Anh Ngoc Nguyen, Nhat Duc Nguyen, Chuc Dinh Nguyen, Nguyen Thang
The Roles of Formal Schooling in Workers' Job Self-selection and Income in Village-based Industrial Clusters: The Cases of Two Clusters in Northern Vietnam
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Vu Hoang Nam, Dao Ngoc Tien and Phan Thi Van
The Linkages between Growth, Poverty and Inequality in Vietnam: An Empirical Analysis
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Hoi Quoc Le
Assessing the Potential Impact of the Global Crisis on the Labour Market and the Informal Sector in Vietnam
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Jean-Pierre Cling, Mireille Razafindrakoto and Francois Roubaud
The Roles of Arbitrageurs - UK evidence
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Dung V. Nguyen
Arbitrage Pricing Theory: Evidence from an Emerging Stock Market
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Value-Relevance of Financial Statement Information: A Flexible Application of Modern Theories to the Vietnamese Stock Market
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Nguyen Viet Dung
Evaluating the Impacts of the Current Economic Slowdown on (Un)employment in Vietnam
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Nguyen Viet Cuong, Pham Thai Hung and Phung Duc Tung
The potential for mitigation of CO2 emissions in Vietnam's power sector
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Nhan T. Nguyen and Minh Ha-Duong
War and Peace: an Economic Liberalist Assessment
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N.M. Hung
Analysis of Labor Migration Decision: Its Determinants and Benefits: The Case of Khmer Families in Tra Vinh Province of Viet Nam
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Huynh Truong Huy
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