DEPOCEN Working Paper Series

The DEPOCEN Working Paper Series (DEPOCEN WP) is the first ever peer reviewed economic research paper series in Vietnam. The Series is edited and supported by DEPOCEN WP Editorial Council and Editorial Board, whose members are well-known international and Vietnamese economists and researchers. Submissions of papers from all branches of economics are welcome.

No. Title Author
Impacts of Import Liberalization Policy on Economic Growth in Vietnam: A Channel Analysis
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DINH Thi Hoang Yen
Gravity Equation for Different Product Groups: A study at product level
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Thuy Nguyen and Jean-Louis Arcand
Rural to Urban Migration as a Household Decision: Experimental Evidences from the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
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Huynh Truong Huy
Updating a Vietnam SAM 2005: A hybrid approach
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Bui Trinh, Anh Ngoc Nguyen
Capitalising on Innovation for Exports by the SME Sector
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Anh Ngoc Nguyen, Nicola Jones, Nhat Duc Nguyen, Chuc Dinh Nguyen
Analysis of Calorie and Micronutrient Consumption in Vietnam
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Linh Vu Hoang
Impacts of Rising Food Prices on Poverty and Welfare in Vietnam.
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Linh Vu Hoang and Paul Glewwe
Estimation of Food Demand from Household Survey Data in Vietnam.
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Linh Vu Hoang
Volatility under Bounded Rationality
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Nhat Le
Comparative Studies Of Indochina Economies (Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam): An Input-Output (I-O) Approach
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Francisco Secretario, Kim Kwangmoon, Bui Trinh, Vanndy Nor, Hung Duong Manh
Risk and Inequality Aversion in Social Dilemmas.
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Brice Magdalou, Dimitri Dubois, Phu Nguyen-Van
Total Factor Productivity, Saving Rate and Learning-by-Doing in Growth Process.
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Cuong Le Van, Tu-Anh Nguyen
An Explorative Study on Functional Upgrading and Export Development of Vietnam Wood Furniture Producers.
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Pham T.Song Hanh
Optimal Risk Sharing Under Limited Commitment: Evidence From Rural Vietnam
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Patrick Eozenou
Price Elasticity Estimates for Cigarette Demand in Vietnam
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Patrick Eozenou, Burke Fishburn
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