DEPOCEN Working Paper Series

The DEPOCEN Working Paper Series (DEPOCEN WP) is the first ever peer reviewed economic research paper series in Vietnam. The Series is edited and supported by DEPOCEN WP Editorial Council and Editorial Board, whose members are well-known international and Vietnamese economists and researchers. Submissions of papers from all branches of economics are welcome.

No. Title Author
The Relationship between Innovation and Productivity conditional to R&D and ICT use. An empirical analysis for firms in Luxembourg
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Thuc Uyen NGUYEN THI, Ludivine MARTIN
"Investment Dartboard" Revisited - Implications for an Efficient Vietnamese Market?
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Phan Tran Trung DUNG, Nguyen Thi Ha THANH
An inquiry into the determinants of Vietnamese product export
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Nguyen Thi Ha TRANG, Nguyen Thi Thanh TAM, Vu Hoang NAM
Growth and convergence in a model with renewable and non-renewable resources: existence, transitional dynamics, and empirical evidence
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Manh-Hung Nguyen, Phu Nguyen-Van
The Impact of the Economic Stimulus on Domestic, Private Enterprises
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Anh Nguyen Ngoc, Nhat Nguyen Duc, Chuc Dinh Nguyen
Freeware As An Advertisement
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Niem Le Duc
Existence, Optimality and Dynamics of Equilibria with Endogenous Time Preference
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Cuong Le Van, Cagri Saglam, Selman Erol
Remittances for Economic Development: the Investment Perspective
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Thanh Le
Overlapping generations economy, environmental externalities, and taxation
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Nguyen Thang Dao
Wal-Mart as Catalyst to U.S.-China Trade
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Emek Basker, Pham Hoang Van
Equilibrium on International Financial Assets and Goods Markets
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Patrice Fontaine, Cuong Le Van
Optimal timing of regime switching in optimal growth models A Sobolev space approach
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Erol Dogan, Cuong Le Van, Cagri Saglam
Global Financial Crisis, Extreme Interdependences, and Contagion Effects: The Role of Economic Structure
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Riadh Aloui & Mohamed Safouane Ben Aissa, Duc Khuong Nguyen
Modeling nonlinear and heterogeneous dynamic linkages in international monetary markets
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Mohamed El Hedi Arouri, Fredj Jawadi, Duc Khuong Nguyen
Forecasting the conditional volatility of oil spot and futures prices with structural breaks and long memory models
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Mohamed El Hedi Arouri, Amine Lahiani, Duc Khuong Nguyen
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