DEPOCEN Working Paper Series
Nguyen Thang Dao, 2011. "Overlapping generations economy, environmental externalities, and taxation"
I set up in this paper an overlapping generations economy with envi-ronment degrading itself and pollution resulting from both consumption and production to show that there always exists an inter-temporal equi-librium and to determine the competitive steady state. This steady state is compared with the equilibrium steady state in the social benevolent planner's point of view. The paper shows the optimal golden rule allo-cation which maximizes the total utility of all generations, and whenever the capital ratio in the competitive framework is higher than the golden rule capital ratio, the economy stands on the dynamically inecient point. The width of the inecient range of capital ratio depends positively on the environment maintaining technology and depends negatively on the cleanness of production technology. For such any competitive economy, I introduce some combinations of taxes and transfer with purpose of de-centralizing the best steady state attainable through the good and factors markets.
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