DEPOCEN Working Paper Series
Ngoc Q. Pham, Bui Trinh, Thanh Duc Nguyen, 2007. "Economic performance of Vietnam, 1976-2000: New evidence from input-output model"
This study provides a concise introduction to the economic history of Vietnam from 1976 to present. We identify different phases of the development of the Vietnamese economy, from its unification after a Vietnam war to the current phases of the transition (1989-2000) and propose a specific pattern of transition in the case of Vietnam. This research is the first attempt to make a synthesis quantitative analysis of socio-economic aggregate data during different phases of the Vietnamese economy in 1986-2000, in which different national input-output tables (1989, 1996 and 2000) in constant prices have been employed. The economic performances are investigated from three aspects: (i) evolution of domestic final demand; (ii) evolution of international trade structure and (iii) the technological change. The analysis shows economic history of Vietnam from 1986 up to present as a continuous evolutionary process and integration in to the international market is inevitable. Government programmes only played a vital role of accommodator to the economic changes of the Vietnamese economy.
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