DEPOCEN Working Paper Series
Nham Phong Tuan, Hoang Van Hai, 2012. "Building an integrated framework of strategic management theories to explain performance of firm in one industry."
This paper is rather theoretical approach and to answer research questions: is it possible to build a comprehensive framework integrated all these three theories (IO, OE and RBV) in strategic management to explain performance of firm in one industry?; and how are all these three theories integrated conceptually? After reviewing literature related to all main three theories of strategic management, it can be seen that each theory looks performance from its own different perspective. This paper tried to argue a mechanism by complementary views among these three perspectives. As a result, a comprehensive integrated framework was proposed. Moreover, this study tried to provide several solutions to operationalize the conceptual framework in reality, or test it empirically. These solutions are related to variables indicating constructs in the framework, measurement of variables and analytical methodology. In general, this paper is expected to make several contributions to mostly academics. It provides a good suggestion for future studies in this field.
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